Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Basic Sourdough Sandwich Bread

As part of The Real Food Challenge by The Nourished Kitchen, I ordered a sourdough starter, fed it, watered it and now it is returning the favor by supplying my family with really good, all natural bread.

For the benefit of some of my Real Food friends, I'm posting pictures of my basic sourdough sandwich bread. I followed the recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet and it turned out great the very first time I made it.

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  1. Hey Leslie,
    I followed your blog link from the this the beginning of your blog. I like the look of it and am excited to read more as you go on. Did you use the Bosch mixer for the Nourishing Gourmet recipe or did you knead by hand? I tried her recipe a few months ago and it did not look as pretty as yours. I do not have a Bosch mixer, but I am beginning to think that my sourdough starter is not so healthy because I often end up with something flatter than I'd like (perhaps I am not precise enough for baking too:)...I am excited to see how Wardeh's recipe differs. We are moving soon, so I am thinking of starting fresh with a bought starter after we are settled. Thanks for posting this...good luck in your blog endeavours. 11 kids? you are amazing, woman!